While installing the McAfee Live Safe in your device, if you have got any installation error and an error message that says “McAfee Error 12152” then you might need to take some quick actions to troubleshoot this error. this error generally occurs because of corrupted files in your device.MCafee Total Protection

We have listed below the causes that can leads to this error along with some quick troubleshooting ways that can help you to get rid of this error.

What Causes McAfee Error 12152?

While trying to download the McAfee LiveSafe in your device, there are some cases that might cause this error and in order to troubleshoot this error completely from your device, you need to first learn about the reasons that can cause this error.  In general, the McAfee error 12152 can occur because of corrupted files or programs on your computer. while installing the McAfee software in your device, these corrupted files can cause issues and can affect the functioning of your device. One more reason that can lead to this error is that you might have not completely deleted a program from your device. the improper installation of any program from your computer can cause the corruption of other programs in your device and can lead to this error. these files can create an issue in the functioning of your device. hence, you need to take quick action to fix these errors.McAfee Livesafe

If while performing the troubleshooting process, if you need any kind of help then you can get in touch with the experts at McAfee Customer Service. They have a team of professionals who can provide quality efficient solutions to fix your issue. they are available 24×7.

How To Fix McAfee Error 12152?

While trying to download or install the McAfee live safe software, if you have encountered this error then you need to take some quick measures to troubleshoot this error. As we have discussed above, the improper installation of the software can occur because of corrupted or damaged files in your device. We have prepared two different ways through which you can troubleshoot this error that includes manual and Automate solutions.McAfee Customer Service

You can follow the manual Troubleshooting process with the steps mentioned below:

  • Restart your device and then log in to your device as an administrator.
  • now click on the start menu and then go to all programs followed by accessories and then click on the system tools icon.
  • now a new window will be open on the screen and you will be redirected to the system restore page.
  • now you need to click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and then follow the instructions as prompted on the screen.
  • now from the list of the latest “System Restore” points, you have to select the restore point for your device.
  • after selecting the point now click on the “Next” button to proceed with the process further.
  • Once the process completes, now you need to restart your device to make the changes effective.

So this way you can manually troubleshoot the McAfee Error 12152. After completing this try installing the McAfee Live Safe in your device to check if the error has been resolved or not. If the error still persists then you might need some advanced troubleshooting solution to get t his issue resolved. you need to contact at McAfee Customer Service to get this issue resolved.

Automate Solution for McAfee Error 12152

the Automation process to troubleshoot this error is quite simple. You need to simply download and install the repair tool for McAfee Error 12152. Once the software is download and installed in your device then you need to simply open the software and click on the Scan Now button and wait until it completes. the Automatic repair tool is designed to detect and remove the causes that can lead to this error.

So these are two different ways through which you can troubleshoot the McAfee Error 12152 occurred while downloading McAfee LiveSafe in your device. If you need to download and activate McAfee Total Protection in your device then you can visit www.Mcafee.com/activate.